Personal Training

Personal Training is more than becoming fitter

  • improves confidence
  • provides health gains
  • develops flexibility

Overall Personal Training will make you feel better in yourself.

A programme of regular exercise has been shown to have positive health benefits, including a decreased risk in heart disease; reducing body fat, improved blood pressure, increase in aerobic fitness


Swedish Massage is relaxing. It increases the oxygen flow in the blood, releasing muscle toxins and reducing tension and stress.

Strike Classes

Strike combines martial arts training, including punching, jabs, kicking and striking pads with core exercises such as sit-ups.

The movements of the body in strike involve all components of fitness with benefits in cardio, strength, endurance, motor skills and flexbility.

Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell is a qualified Masseur and experienced, enthusiastic Personal Trainer who delivers a targeted, interesting and fun programme.


Alex works from Chesterton Sports Centre where he offers Swedish Massge and instructs group exercise classes: High Intensity Training (HIT), Strike Classes (Boxing Circuit Style) and Indoor Cycling.

Personal Training can be offered in your own home or workplace

Getting Started

Contact: Alex Campbell
07746 122749